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On this very June 29th, I will be in Dana Point... halfway between San Diego and LA so all my friends in sunny California can join in a day of meditation and delight... In this day together, I will share Osho’s Active Meditations with you… plus a taste of Cosmic Gossip to keep the day juicy. Some of us find it is so easy to be a Zorba, outwardly enjoying life. While others find it more rewarding to be a Buddha, spending our life inwardly meditating… For me, life is a balancing act. This day together is simply stated, “How to be in the world without the world being in you!”

We will share together how to have roots into the earth while we spread our wings in meditation. The world is simply noise… When we add meditation to our lives, we create music.

Originally published in the Osho Times Magazine, interviewed by Maneesha


BY ALL ACCOUNTS they were both rascals when they were growing up, curious about everything and full of energy. But they had the good fortune to be born into a family where such big energies in small packages were allowed the freedom to play, and they grew up happy and well.

They stayed close, and stayed in touch. But they also lived in the same unfulfilling society as the rest of us, and by the time they were in their twenties each of them had become seekers. One went East, and the other went West. Michael went to India and became a disciple of Osho – who gave him the new name of Swami Krishna Prem.

 kp Bro

KP with statue

Krishna Prem here... Today I was on a podcast with Swaram. And we spoke how when I originally met Osho in the desert outside of Mumbai, I rented a cart powered by a bull to get to his doorstep... and I parked my bull beside Osho's borrowed Chevrolet car. Osho was resting in his one-room brick home. I slept on the ground until he was ready to receive me... and the rest is history. Enjoy.


Beloved Friends, lately I have been calling my Meditation Playshop "Wild Wild You" as meditation is about you as a unique individual, not you as a country... enjoy.

Like many of you, I just finished binge-watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix, a 6 hour documentary on OSHO in America. It wasn't a wow for me as I wondered what would make Osho so attractive to a newcomer… Having said that, the shots of thousands of loving friends of Osho at the ranch were such an invitation that an alert tv viewer might get off his or her couch and dance and give up potatoes forever. For me, Osho was portrayed in an unflattering way but for all the video footage his beloveds chopping wood and carrying water attempting to build a utopia out of mud were a delight for sore eyes compared the old and tired Oregonians. Thus as entertainment, the Wild Wild Country Documentary is a ’10' but as a love story, it was a ‘0’.

Krishna Prem explains a quick meditation and recounts an anecdote (from his book ‘Gee You Are You’).

When you come home from work tonight, are you going to kiss your wife like she is an employee? Or when you kiss your husband before you go to bed, are you going to kiss him like he is your child? In other words, take your boss hat off before you kiss your wife... or when you get in bed with your husband, take your mommy hat off. I call this meditation when you remember to take one hat off before you put another hat on. Osho preferred the word "Interlude." For Osho, meditation is that naked space you live in when you take one hat off before you put another hat on! In fact, I 'think' I remember Osho recommending that you take a shower between two roles you are playing until you get the knack of being naked.

This is a great meditation: Hats. I call it hats. Just notice which hat you are wearing now. I am a boss. I am a student. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a lover. I am a joker, and I’m a midnight toker. And watch how many roles you play every day, in every way. And just remember to look at yourself as you take one hat off before you put another hat on. Mind the gap.

Just yesterday I went out for lunch. I went on a bicycle and the gentleman that I was having lunch with was driving a car. And often times in the city, like in Amsterdam, the boy on the bike gets there first. And I went to the restaurant and I sat at the table that was reserved for us. And the waiter was being a waiter.

 kp casanova

My body just turned seventy-four years old.
Thank heavens I am not my body. Or am I?
In any event, when my body was just shy of thirty I met Osho and I immediately began growing up instead of growing old.
A nice trick, picked up from a master magician.

I am an old friend of death. My birth mother left her body when I was one year old and left me with my 15-year-old sister-mother, who left her body and left me with Osho, who also left His body. Death does not surprise me. Death has a look. Osho had that look. What surprises me is living. I can handle death, but I am still mangled by life.
Aloneness rocks my world.
I am not "righting" about the word "aloneness" or even aloneness's twin brother loneliness. Like most old sannyasins, I can quote Osho from both sides now. I am enlightened...most of the time. The only reason I am not leading satsangs at Starbucks today is because when aloneness speaks to me I shake from my core and I can't drink coffee without spilling my guts out.

High Beloved Friends, I am happy to say my G.U.R.U. book is now printed on 3 continents which means I can reduce my shipping costs so that my book is affordable to all. I must warn you that my book is a ‘serious comedy’ and the only thing similar to my newsletter is that it is written by little old me. Moreover my book is not for the enlightened ones. It is a simply a light read about witnessing that there is no one to become enlightened. You simply need fresh eyes and a sweet heart to enjoy this belly laugh in the here and now. And yes I am just as surprised as you that this book came through me! 

Krishna Prem here. I am thrilled to announce the birth of my book, Gee You Are You, my journey from here to here. Below is a taste of my ‘righting’. I trust it will make you hungry for more. If I am right, please order my whole meal. It’s fat free, organic and full of vitamins O, S, H & O. 

Gee You Are You, In The Beginning

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, celebrated all over the world as a day for lovers. On February 14th, 1973 I met the love of my life; his name at the time was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, known today to his beloveds worldwide as Osho. My body age at the time was 29 years old, and I have now attained the ripe age of 38 as an Osho sannyasin; you do the math! I certainly can’t imagine how many more blog entries this bloke has left in his being but for now, I feel like reminiscing….