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On this very June 29th, I will be in Dana Point... halfway between San Diego and LA so all my friends in sunny California can join in a day of meditation and delight... In this day together, I will share Osho’s Active Meditations with you… plus a taste of Cosmic Gossip to keep the day juicy. Some of us find it is so easy to be a Zorba, outwardly enjoying life. While others find it more rewarding to be a Buddha, spending our life inwardly meditating… For me, life is a balancing act. This day together is simply stated, “How to be in the world without the world being in you!”

We will share together how to have roots into the earth while we spread our wings in meditation. The world is simply noise… When we add meditation to our lives, we create music.


This is how my host Osho Niranjana Meditation Center puts it... Krishna Prem, also known as Michael Mogul, is an author and meditation teacher. Krishna Prem left America over forty years ago in search of himself. Arriving in India, he met his Master and friend Osho, who simply said: "If you really want to know who you are, be a joke unto yourself. Do not take yourself so seriously."

My Meditation Playshop is a joy as I am here to be an invitation to remembering that we are not human doers, but human beings that can do whatever we want. – Love is, KP

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This event is offered on a donation basis. You can bring your own meals or join us to the nearby restaurants. Tentative schedule is from 8am-8pm. You are encouraged to attend full day but can attend as many sessions as your schedule permits.

Don't forget to bring your swim suit if you wish to take a plunge in the Pacific Ocean. Our Venue is literally 5 minutes walk from the Ocean.

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"That’s what I mean by Zorba the Buddha: nothing to choose".
“A man of totality has nothing to choose. His life is a life of choicelessness. Nothing to choose, nothing to discard; they are two sides of the same coin. If you choose something, you will have to discard something.” ~OSHO


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