"Regaining Consciousness in ’09"


I am amazed and disappointed how many friends thought I was I was a dirty old snowman in my past life when they received my new year’s newsletter a year ago… so let me be straight with you… from lifetime to lifetime, we often change sexes… as a snowwoman, I am happy to say that this snowman was in fact ‘bottom’ heavy… and I escaped certain abuse and lost 3 kilos by rolling downhill just in the nick of time.

Having set the record straight, it wasn’t for lifetimes later that I realized what an absolute tease being a woman can be… and as Mona Lisa, I got so antsy sitting for Leonardo da Vinci that I couldn’t resist flashing him… when I could not even get a raise out of Leo, I simply found it difficult to work up a smile.



By the time, I reincarnated as a man I was so sexually confused, I just juggled with my balls and found myself absolutely confused between what is real and what is an illusion.


Finally after life after life, flip-flopping between being a man and a woman, I can honestly say that I respect the opposite sex unconditionally… and that my heart is always in the right place.



I also want to suggest on this entrance to 2009, that I have come a long way from being an ape to being a computer nerd in this lifetime.


So if you are having difficulty viewing this newsletter, just click on the link below.
and the pictures will magically appear… and from now on this feature will be at the beginning of the credits at the end of the newsletter.

And while you are at it, please consider that my newsletter is still a baby and so if you know any teenies or beyond in love with Osho, simply copy and paste the above link in the subject line in an email so I can get this cosmic joke out to old friends who may be taking life seriously at present.

More importantly, Veeresh and company are making a special guest appearance in the OSHO Multiversity here in Pune from January 10th -January 18th… you are invited to join in… I have highlighted a beautiful video called ‘Stand by Me’ – it’s a song played by street musicians from around the world, many of whom Veeresh knew personally when he lived in the inner-city in the days before he met Osho, & so in appreciation of Veeresh’s contribution to the human condition, simply click on the button between friends.

Veeresh is available through the OSHO Humaniversity in Holland… www.humaniversity.nl


The New Year is upon us… if you are anything like me you have just gone unconscious for days, eating and drinking as if your death depended on it… now is time to get back to you were you once belonged… remembering, once and for all… this very body, the Buddha.




Laughter is, Krishna Prem.


Ps… You are invited to my new improved website at www.geeyouareyou.com