This Very Body The Buddha

Krishna Prem here... Before we LOL together, I just want to congratulate my good friend Satyarthi for completing his bodywork DVD series.


Please check out Satyarthi's website... http://myofascialtrainings.com/


And if you have only 5 minutes of viewing time available, just watch Satyarthi's video on treating lower back pain... Simply click on the arrow below the scan of my perfect body < I photoshopped my ‘beer here now' pot belly to look like the new man.>


I have always enjoyed body work.



I have also always enjoyed bodies of all kinds of Homo sapiens, not just my own... And thus became interested in anatomy from a very early age.



As I matured my interest in bodies multiplied... Along with my addictions.


My Zorba side has developed so well that even my Buddha nature begins to resemble my Zorba.



Thank heavens for Osho for bringing balance back into my life.



As I continue to search for my ideal Zorba the Buddha within, I meditate daily at the OSHO International Meditation Resort as well as augmenting my income by working as a rickshaw driver to bring in some extra cash... My rickshaw business is flourishing to the point that I took the convertible roof down so I could get more friends home safely... The only problem with success is that it breeds competition... Click on my headlight below and watch a ride on the wild side through the lanes of Koregaon Park... and to witness first hand my Enfield motorcycle competition.



So if you prefer life in the fast lane, enquire about Enfield is Prayer at https://www.facebook.com/enfieldisprayer

For me, becoming a rickshaw driver has simplified my existence.



On April Fool's Day, I will retire as a rickshaw driver and head for Europe to lead my Meditation Playshops wherever I am invited. So just maybe you want to drop ‘in' with me... If you are in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Greece or England this spring, JUMP in the name of love. If you click on the arrow below you can get a taste of my Meditation Playshop. Enjoy.



Here is a partial list of my Meditation Playshops… Each friend leaves my Meditation Playshop with a signed new edition of my book Gee You Are You http://www.geeyouareyou.com/book.htm

Feel free to contact my hosts below or send me an email to krishnaprem@geeyouareyou.com for details. <And if I am not in your area and you want to ‘lighten up your life’ please invite my ass!>

Sunday, May 3rd 
Charlot Spoorenberg has invited me to
Tempel van Alledag on Ijburg, Amsterdam.
Charlot (charlot23@yahoo.com)
As the date approaches of each  Meditation Playshop, a Facebook Event page pops up… For example this is how Amsterdam welcomes me back from India. 
Be there or be square!

Sunday, May 24th 
Rhodés Samé Lottin has invited me to
Waves, beach and health center.
Zandvoort Beach Netherlands
Thank you Rhodés for creating such a beautiful environment to ‘be’ in.

Friday, May 29th  
Kerry Gonzato has invited me to play with her friends in Lugano Switzerland. This will be a simple intimate evening. If you are alive in Lugano, contact Kerry at laughing_gecko@yahoo.com. Or call Kerry at 0766939897.

Sunday, May 31st 
Pedro and Gatha have invited me to Zurich Switzerland.
This fun event will fill up with a crazy juicy bunch of old and new friends so book early!
Email Pedro and Gatha at gatha.zehnder@gmail.com or leave a message at 079 3078166
The event is being held at Gobinde Yoga, Kernstrasse 25, 8004 Zürich

Sada and Vikrant have invited me to Athens, Greece 
Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th <a Meditation Playshop on Saturday followed by a full day of meditation and delight on Sunday.
Reserve at (sadatsatsouli@yahoo.gr) or ring Sada’s telephone number 6979 776409
Osho Information Center

June 14th 
The Ubuntu Talent Organisation has invited me back to Amsterdam
Reserve at Info@ubuntutalent.org or call Marita at 0642974580
Thank you Renske, Marita and Hester of Ubuntu.
Hopefully my newly enlightened friend Tommy Lucky will be in attendance along with his Dad Batul and Mom 
Renske <just in case Tommy Lucky needs his diapers changed after the let-go meditation.>


June 21st 
Chetna and Swaram have invited me to London England
07900 604 707
 Osho Information Center

The Rolling Stones have been invited to join us in London as they seem to have recently discovered the real satisfaction of meditation.



On Sunday June 28th, I will end my European tour in Germany.
Amrita Pilsner has invited me to Stuttgart.
I accepted Amrita's invite so I can see you and my good friend Abhijat and have a home cooked meal with his mom.
Amrita's email is rita.pilsner@web.de

I await for the spring when I can play with you... For now, I leave you with a leaf of love from kp <and a whole tree of risky love from Osho.>

"Love is risky. To love is to move into danger-because you cannot control it, it is not safe. It is not within your hands. It is unpredictable: where it will lead nobody knows. Whether it will lead anywhere, that too nobody knows. One is moving into utter darkness but roots grow only in darkness. If the roots of a tree become afraid of darkness and don't move underground, the tree will die. They have to move into darkness. They have to find their way towards the deepest layers of the earth where they can find sources of water, nourishment."


Loving you as me, KP