Krishna Prem

About 15 years ago now, I was participating in the Buddha to Buddha work in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune India. This Buddha to Buddha work is essentially an old friend of Osho sitting down over a cup of tea with a new friend who just walked though the gateless gate for a gossip, to give the new friend a soft landing in our meditation resort… . It was there that I met a young man from Holland who would not only become a Buddha in his own right, but more real for me, he became a Buddy of mine… I like to meet a Buddha along the way as much as the next guy but I also enjoy sharing a glass of wine at the same time… His name is now Batul and he is a fine example of what Osho calls Zorba the Buddha… plus he plays a mean game of tennis! Batul is not only a meditator; he is also a business man. While he was visiting our meditation resort, he designed his signature piece of jewelry and came up with his company name… surprise, surprise… BuddhatoBuddha… check him out at

Here is a small piece I just wrote for Batul's 10 year anniversary catalogue about his life in the world and also his personal journey with Osho and meditation…

 “When your being knows” 

Imagine for a moment that I am your middle finger. Hold me up and shake me all about. Am I crowding your space? Do I push your buttons? Easy… simply tell me to fuck off. But before you do that imagine that you are your index finger. Your first thought may well be that we are two fingers competing for love, for a job… whatever. But I have come to know through meditation that we are simply two fingers of one hand.  

The way I now play this game called life is to look ‘in’ at the same time I look ‘out.’ Sure I look at you but at the same time I look deeply into who I am until I recognize that we are not two… that we are one existence appearing as two people. I no longer only look at you; your religion, your nationality, your conditioning and such blah blah without looking for the real you behind your masks.  For sure I am a bit mad from going 'in' so much, but be honest, what has been the result of looking at everyone you meet as separate from yourself… as a sex object for example? Thank heavens love happens while you are busy getting ready for a date.  

When I travel in India, I am often greeted with “Namaste” which means “I surrender to the God in you” and when I visit an Indian in his home, an American Indian, that is, often an elder will greet me with “I see you” which means I see the real you. Amsterdam is right in the middle of these two extremes of east and west… right here, right now, you are the center of the universe... how is that for a responsibility... all I am saying is give love a chance. 

Love is, Krishna Prem

(Michael Mogul) 

  “When the mind knows, we call it knowledge
When the heart knows, we call it love;
When the being knows, we call it meditation.”   


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